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Securing Benefits for Veterans Injuries in Southern California

It is a widely accepted fact that serving in the military is among the most physically arduous occupations in existence, and those who enter the Armed Forces place their physical health and their lives on the line for our country. When your service on active duty has left you with an injury or illness which results in some form of disability, you are most likely eligible for disability compensation from the VA, provided that you did not receive a dishonorable discharge.

The amount you could receive will vary based on the degree to which your condition makes it difficult-or impossible-for you to work, which is also referred to as a disability rating, which additional benefits available under circumstances such as loss of a limb, having a spouse or children or living with a severely disabled spouse. Whatever type of injury you suffered, you have a right to expect fair benefits in exchange for your sacrifices.

Successfully claiming veteran disability benefits should not be difficult, but unfortunately it often is, with everything from unfairly low award amounts, delays lasting years and even denial of a valid claim. The VA reports that there were 3,354,741 disability compensation recipients in 2011, which constitutes an enormous administrative load on the system. If you need benefits, you need them now, and it is vital that you avoid common mistakes which could result in unnecessary claim delays or denials. Let an attorney from California Veterans Rights Center assist you in your claim and fight to defend your right to receive the benefits you deserve.

Common Injuries Among Veterans

Military personnel suffer service related injuries under a variety of circumstances, including both operations on the base and during combat. Injuries can range from amputation and traumatic brain injury, to radiation poisoning, spinal cord injuries and injuries which result in blindness and hearing difficulties. Orthopedic disabilities are also common among veterans, such as strained or sprained muscles and back injuries caused by loading cargo, hauling supplies and engaging in combat.