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Veteran Elder Abuse Claims in Southern California

Defending the Rights of Elderly Veterans

Nursing homes and other facilities throughout California and beyond receive billions of dollars to take care of our elderly veterans. If you suspect that a loved one who once served his or her country is now being victimized by anyone at a nursing home, an assisted living facility, or any other facility you trusted, you should act. Sadly, elder abuse is on the rise. Many of these care providers are neglecting, and at times willfully harming veterans and other elderly patients.

These vulnerable adults are promised good quality care in the remaining years, and end up being abused, beaten, and neglected. In truth, some individuals at these facilities are less concerned about their patients and more concerned with the money they make. At the CALIFORNIA VETERANS RIGHTS CENTER, we represent veterans and others who are victims of nursing home abuse and elder neglect.

Mistakes are made when patients are not screened properly, facilities are understaffed, and providers are inattentive and reckless in their care of our veteran population. Nursing homes and care centers need to be held accountable for the injuries they cause the elderly whose lives have value and dignity.

Abuse comes in various forms. Often defined as the neglect or physical, emotional, or financial abuse of our elders, elder abuse is a plague on our society. Examples of neglect cases that we handle include infections, bruising, pressure sores, head injuries, dehydration and malnutrition, bone fractures and falls, and improper use of medication and restraints. Financial abuse of elders involves the manipulation and exploitation of these innocent victims by bogus financial advisors, scam artists, and even close family members and friends. Some of our most vulnerable elders are the most susceptible to abuse. Such abuse needs to be reported to the proper authorities and stopped. One way of doing that is to hit them where it hurts the most - on the bottom line.

At the CALIFORNIA VETERANS RIGHTS CENTER, help is available. We can identify the warning signs of neglect and abuse and also fight for the compensation that your loved one deserves. Our attorney has more than 30 of experience and is a former Judge Advocate for the U.S. Marine Corps. While all senior citizens deserve to receive the highest standards of care, this is especially true of elderly veterans who gave their service to our country in their youth. Let us help you secure justice for your loved one.

Elder Abuse and Neglect at VA and Other Facilities

Elder abuse of veterans in VA Hospitals and community living centers unfortunately does occur at times and takes many forms, from verbal attacks and emotional abuse to short-term and long-term neglect sometimes resulting in malnutrition, dehydration and squalid living conditions. It can also include physical violence and even sexual abuse, as well as theft, financial fraud and identity theft. While neglect can be the result of systemic issues such as understaffing, outright abuse is committed by individuals who choose to exercise their cruelty on helpless victims. If your elderly family member has suffered any form of neglect or abuse-emotional or physical-do not hesitate to contact us at the CALIFORNIA VETERANS RIGHTS CENTER for help.

Realize that your loved one may not come out with complaints or accusations, due to feelings of shame, embarrassment or even fear of reprisals. If you notice signs such as unexplained bruises or injuries, sudden weight loss or behavioral changes, it is advisable to investigate the situation to determine whether abuse is occurring.

We can meet with you to discuss your legal options, which may include Federal Tort Claim litigation with the goal of recovering monetary damages. By taking action now, you could not only assist your loved one in obtaining financial compensation, but could also bring the wrongdoer to justice and expose the situation, thereby saving others from suffering similar abuse.