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Defending Veterans from Employment Discrimination

Southern California Veterans Lawyer Explains Your Right to Work

As a veteran returning to civilian life, you sometimes face difficulties in making the transition from military duty to finding employment and a livelihood to support your family. In recognition of your service to our country, the government has passed laws such as the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act, which work to safeguard you against experiencing negative repercussions as a result of your sacrifice. You should not be penalized for placing your personal goals in life on hold in order to protect our nation, and can find help in exercising your right to work by coming to the CALIFORNIA VETERANS RIGHTS CENTER.

Despite the flag waving, the 'we support the troops" programs, and the awards employers issue to employed veterans, reservists, and guardsmen, many employers across California and our country unfortunately discriminate, often subtle, in the application process and work environment against service members returning home. This is so despite laws (USERRA, ADA, etc.) that protect veterans, both with or without disabilities. Let's not kid ourselves about the magnitude of the problem.

Many employers never heard of USERRA, and do not know the intricacies of ADA. Still others find many excuses not to hire a returning service member (no position available, already been filed, lack of experience or qualifications, and on and on). In the area of re-employing a returning service member, the excuses are endless as well (we eliminated the position, you were part of a lay-off, we no longer have work for you, your performance was not up to standards, we can't continue to honor your military commitment). Then of course there are the employers who will impose unduly burdensome requirements on the veteran to make it virtually impossible for him, logistically and substantively, to perform the job.

Our attorney has more than 30 years of experience and is a former U.S. Marine Corps Judge Advocate and current Lieutenant Colonel and Judge Advocate in the California Air National Guard. We understand how much is at stake for you and your family, and will work diligently to help you find and keep suitable employment to earn the income you need.

Employment and Labor Laws for Returning Veterans

It is an unfortunate fact that many veterans face discrimination from potential employers, who either are unaware of laws such as the USERRA or the Americans with Disabilities Act, or who willfully choose to violate these laws. Veterans injuries such as traumatic brain injury, amputation or post-traumatic stress disorder, which result in permanent physical or mental disabilities often provoke this type of discrimination, laws of this type prohibit certain employers from refusing to hire a disabled former servicemember.

Similarly, you may be able to return to the position you held prior to the date when you entered the Armed Forces. There are even laws, such as the Veterans Employment Opportunities Act, which grant preference in hiring to those who have served in the military. You may also be able to secure reasonable accommodations to make it possible for you to work, such as physical modifications to the workplace, modified equipment or a part-time work schedule.

Our attorney is experienced in all the major laws and regulations affording legal protections to service members returning to the workplace. If you believe that you are being harassed, discriminated against, or retaliated against either in the application and hiring process, in the workplace, or with respect to the obtaining of work and services as a veteran, then you should contact our attorney at the CALIFORNIA VETERANS RIGHTS CENTER for an initial complimentary consultation.

Contact us today for a free initial consultation. We will listen to you explain your concerns, and will advise you of how the various employment and labor laws may benefit you.