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At the CALIFORNIA VETERANS RIGHTS CENTER, we are committed to safeguarding the rights of veterans and active duty military personnel, and when you have questions or need help with any type of legal matter we urge you to contact us for a free initial consultation. Our attorney can meet with you to discuss your concerns relating to keeping your home, defending against civil lawsuits and other legal matters, and is ready to begin working on your case immediately. With more than three decades of legal experience and experience as a former U.S. Marine Corp Judge Advocate, Attorney Douglas C. Smith understands the unique aspects of veterans law and will work diligently to defend you from suffering negative consequences in civilian life as a result of your service to our country.

What are your rights under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act?

Passed in 1940 by Congress, the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act gave force of law to a general custom in our society of granting special recognition and legal protection to military personnel. Nearly anyone in our country will agree that those who have protected our country by joining the Armed Forces deserve respect and fair treatment during and after military service, but this does not always occur. The Act works to alleviate the stresses and problems which military families face during service, by relieving them of certain legal burdens.

The SCRA may apply to your current situation in several ways, including:

  • Capping interest rates on your debts at 6% (this applies only to debts you incurred prior to deployment), by settling any amounts above this figure so that you will not later be liable for any deficiency
  • Protecting you against eviction on a lease you cannot afford, up to $2,932.21 per month, or allowing you to break a lease without being subjected to a penalty by your landlord
  • Allowing you to secure an automatic stay against court proceedings, such as for a divorce or claims of breach of contract so that you can avoid a default judgment
  • Safeguarding you against a repossession or termination of contract when you miss payments as a result of your time on service
  • Granting you temporary relief in paying your mortgage
  • Preserving your health of life insurance policy if you fall behind on your payments during active duty service

Certain of these provisions provide you protection to the degree that the other party may be given fines and even a criminal conviction with imprisonment for violating your rights. To learn more about how you may be able to use the SCRA to your advantage and to begin working on your case, contact us today.