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Civil Rights and Constitutional Rights

Southern California Veterans Law Attorney Explains Your Rights

All citizens of the United States of America enjoy the full protection of the Constitution, both in civilian life and while serving on active duty in any branch of the military. While, certain aspects of military service may affect how your civil rights are applied-such as a reduced expectation of privacy while living in barracks-you still are entitled powerful legal protections. While military discipline often accustoms a servicemember to accepting arbitrary orders without question, you must keep in mind that you have rights-and that you can find help in exercising your rights by contacting an experienced veterans law attorney from our firm.

Constitutional Rights for Veterans in Southern California

If your claim for veterans disability benefits has been denied, you can contact our firm for help in filing an appeal. The Fifth Amendment to the Constitution secures your right to due process, so you can appeal from the VA regional office, the Board of Veteran Appeals or the Court of Appeals for Veteran Claims. The appeals process can be lengthy, sometimes lasting months or even years, but we can take actions to expedite your appeal and will fight for your right to receive the benefits you are due.

Similarly, the attorney from the CALIFORNIA VETERANS RIGHTS CENTER may be able to represent you in a petition to the Board of Corrections for Military records if an other than honorable discharge has deprived you of disability benefits or is otherwise acting to prejudice your options in life against you. We will assist you in gathering any evidence which may serve to support your petition and prove that you were subjected to injustices in receiving an undesirable discharge.

Section 1983 Claims

Under United States Code Title 42 §1983 "Civil Action for Deprivation of Rights," you may be able to sue another party for damages when you have been subjected to a deprivation of your Constitutional rights by anyone acting under color of "statute, ordinance, regulation, custom or usage" of our country. This makes it possible not only to hold the wrongdoer legally accountable, but to secure financial compensation to help you offset any losses you may have suffered as a result.