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Board Actions for Veterans in Southern California

Are you a California veteran facing a board hearing somewhere?

The outcome of a board action, whether for administrative discharge, for appealing a denial of veterans disability benefits, for pursuing a discharge upgrade, obtaining a medical or mental health determination, or some other reason can have a tremendous effect on your future. Do not trust in the board members to safeguard your personal interests-they are not on your side, and you cannot depend on their beneficence or compassion. It is in your best interests to retain experienced legal counsel to advise you of your rights and help you secure the best possible outcome. Contact us today at the CALIFORNIA VETERANS RIGHTS CENTER for an initial consultation.

Board of Veterans Appeals

When you have been denied in your claim for disability compensation benefits for veterans injuries such as traumatic brain injury, an amputation or a spinal cord injury, you have a right to challenge the decision by taking the case to the Board of Veterans Appeals. The BVA can affirm the original decision, can reverse the decision and award you benefits or may send the case back to the regional office. You may additionally be able to appeal a decision based on an incorrect disability rating which would provide you with less compensation than you are due.

Medical and Physical Evaluation Boards

When a military servicemember, whether reserve or active duty, is unable to return to full military duties because of a physical or mental health condition, he or she goes through an administrative process that oftentimes leads to a medical evaluation or physical evaluation board. This process determines whether a military member should remain on active duty, should medically retire (permanently or temporarily), or should be separated (with or without benefits). Our attorney at the CALIFORNIA VETERANS RIGHTS CENTER can help navigate a member through this process.

Administrative Discharge Board

It is possible for a military servicemember to fight an impending administrative discharge, whether it is based on physical unfitness or alleged misconduct, and it is nearly always in the best interests of the individual to do so. While an honorable or general discharge will not generally cause you any problems in civilian life-and may even serve as an asset on your record and your resume-an other than honorable discharge or a punitive discharge can actually hamper your efforts in your life after service. Bringing the case before an Administrative Discharge Board may make it possible to improve the situation by providing evidence to disprove the allegations against you.

Board of Correction of Military Records

If you wrongfully received anything other than honorable discharge, you can often improve the situation by filing a petition with the Board for Correction for Military Records, which could result in a discharge upgrade to general or honorable. By pointing to errors in your service record or providing evidence to support your character and achievements, you may be able to persuade the Board to increase the status of your discharge.