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California Veterans Entitled to Many Benefits

Veterans in California have a robust collection of benefits to choose from. Here is quick summary of those benefits available.


Veterans Homes of California provides professional and low cost residential assisted living and medical care facilities to aged or disabled veterans who are residents of California. Homeowner veterans in California can get direct loans through CalVets that have highly competitive rates, involve quick processing, and provide earthquake and disaster coverage.

Financial Assistance

Certain wartime veterans with a service-connected disability can receive significant property tax exemptions up to $166,944 depending upon household income levels. Contact your County assessor's Office to see if you apply. Disabled veterans, Medal of Honor recipients, American ex POWs can get their motor vehicle registration fees waived, and get free license plates.

Employment Benefits

California provides assistance to veterans in obtaining training and employment as well assistance in obtaining unemployment insurance. Certain veterans are given preference in civil service examinations

Business Benefits

Certain veterans can get a waiver of municipal, county and state business license fees, taxes and fees for certain types of businesses. Certified veteran owned businesses can participate in the state goal of awarding 3% of all state contracts to disabled veterans through the Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) Program.

Education Benefits

Certain dependents of disabled veterans or those veterans who died from service-connected injuries may get a waiver of mandatory system-wide tuition and fees at any State of California Community College, California State University or University of California campus. Active duty military members stationed in California as well as California veterans may get a waiver of non-resident fees (pay at California resident rate) at all State of California Community Colleges, California State University or University of California campuses.

VA Claims Representation

Any veteran, dependent or veteran's survivor applying for United States Department of Veteran Affairs benefits (VA Benefits) can get free representation from professional, accredited, and trained representatives throughout the VA claims process, including USDVA claims and ratings review, and representation in appellate processes.

Burial Benefits

For those veterans, dependents, and survivors who meet USDVA eligibility requirements for burial in a national cemetery, they get professional burial services at no cost for veterans ($500 fee for spouses or dependents).

Veteran License Plates

Veterans can get, for a nominal fee, a special California license plate with any armed force or veteran service organization logo/emblem prominently displayed on the plate, and, for an additional charge, you can the plate personalized.

California Women Veterans Roster

Women veterans can join the California Women Veterans Roster, a confidential roster that links California women's veterans and connects them to available various resources and benefits.

California Veterans Registry

The California Veterans Registry is a permanent record of all California Veterans -- past and present -- who have served our nation since statehood was established in 1850. Each California veteran is entitled to the basic information of name, rank and branch of service.

Other Benefits

Certain disabled veterans can get a waiver of registration fees and free "DV" handicap parking license plates, as well as a reduction on the rate for fishing and hunting licenses.