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Helping Our Nation's Veterans and Their Families Move Forward

At California Veterans Rights Center, we dedicate our legal attention to those who have unselfishly served the United States through military service. We provide our veterans with high quality, aggressive and affordable legal services.

If you are filing a personal injury lawsuit or a military medical malpractice claim because of harm caused through the incompetence of military medical personnel, our firm will be available to fight on your behalf. Our experienced and aggressive attorney has a strong track record of success in handling claims for those who have suffered injuries from a medical practitioner who acted negligently.

Our firm handles all types of VA and military medical malpractice cases. Click here to learn more about our medical malpractice litigation.

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You have the right to hire an attorney to advise you of your legal rights and represent you throughout the process of filing a medical malpractice claim. Unfortunately, the odds are against you if you choose to approach the situation on your own – the system is complex and can lead to unnecessarily long delays and, even more likely, unfair rulings. Give yourself the best possible chance of success by trusting us with your case.

What Sets California Veterans Rights Center Apart From the Rest?

    • More than 30 Years of Litigation Experience
    • Former Judge Advocate in the U.S. Marine Corps
    • Experience Litigating Hundreds of Military and Medical Cases Under the Federal Tort Claims Act (FCTA)
    • Serving Clients Throughout California

    The California Veterans Rights Center is committed to providing California-based veterans in need with top-notch legal services. We fight for fellow California veterans and military service members. In addition to our website, you can learn more about our experience and other branches of work by visiting

    Protecting Your Legal Rights

    Do you need help filing a claim for malpractice?

    If you are filing a military medical malpractice claim because of harm that was caused through incompetence of military medical personnel, we are available to help you through the process. Our legal team has a track record of success handling claims for those who suffered injuries from a medical practitioner who acted negligently.

    Our firm can assist you during each stage of the process, including:

    • Preparing your application
    • Securing records
    • Gathering medical evidence to support the claim
    • Correcting inappropriate disability ratings
    • Fighting for you in an appeal

    We have a wide range of skills and experiences to help ensure that the rights of veterans are protected. Allow us to advise you of your rights and provide you with the dedicated legal representation that you deserve.

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